Meditation is the Gateway to our Soul


Meditation is the Gateway to our Soul

Posted by admin in Inspiration 27 Nov 2014

I hold meditation close to my heart. There are no words to describe the positive transformation I have had through this simple practice.

There are many, many benefits of meditating such as: improved concentration, increased self-awareness, increased happiness, etc. But the most prominent benefit, in my opinion, is the direct access we have to our soul, our true being, and our feelings. When we feel, we access our soul.


It saddens me to see people who don’t remember how to feel or they have become so paralyzed by too many thoughts, it leaves them with little to no room to feel. When a person is unable to understand how and what they feel, they are unable to connect with themselves and with others. Compassion becomes a void and the mind does the “feeling” for them.


Too many thinkers and not enough feelers.

When we were born, we knew exactly how we felt. We were free and in touch with our being. While growing up, the majority of us were molded by society that certain feelings are not acceptable or we should suppress particular feelings because it is not okay to feel them. And fear, fear has replaced a lot of the goodness in us. In the process of this constant suppression and angst, we have become almost robotic and numb. Feelings are a part of who we are and our nature, and just as important, necessary for our journey. There are many ways to explore our inner being, and meditation is by far, a simple and inexpensive way that can get us there.


Meditation assists us to remove the suppressed, old conditioned thoughts, and emotional baggage. It’s like peeling the layers of an onion before you get to the core. The layers of the onion are your suppressed thoughts and emotions. Once one layer is peeled back, then there is another layer ready to be peeled. The more layers removed, the more you can connect to yourself and the closer you become the being of who you truly are and in essence, begin to feel more deeply for yourself and others.


In addition, meditation takes us to places within ourselves that is unique. Everyone has a different journey to live. So when we connect with ourselves to understand our feelings and emotions, we are given an opportunity to investigate why and where these feelings are coming from. You are challenged to look within at a deeper level.


We all have a different and unique puzzle to piece together.

And by meditating on a daily basis, this allows us to untie all the knots of emotional baggage we carry, so we can focus on the deeper aspects of ourselves. Now just imagine how much baggage we accumulate over time. Tons! And every day we gather more to add to the pile. Now imagine how much better and lighter you will feel getting rid of those thoughts and emotions that you no longer need and that no longer serve you. You will feel peaceful, safe, and content, and begin to live life with more ease. Life will become brighter and your connection with others will strengthen.


For those who meditate, you have given yourself a great gift. Keep on meditating.


For those who are new to meditation, I invite you to begin and enjoy the benefits. But please be patient and give yourself a chance. At the beginning stages of meditating, there is a lot, and I mean a lot of brain chatter going on and there are minimal moments of silence, if any. Just know that it will take time and practice before you begin to experience less chatter and longer periods of silence. And just know, that there will always be brain chatter, because you will need to release them in order to be free from them. But you will feel better after every meditation. The more you experience that, the more you will want to meditate. The choice is up to you.


So turn off your cell phones, log off of Facebook, stop tweeting, and take a moment to meditate.


“Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass.” ~Owen Feltham