Currently I am only offering email readings.  Email Readings are available to anyone around the world. If you are interested in a reading, please contact me at and let me know which reading you would like to purchase.  In addition, please include the question(s) and the birthdates of you and anyone else involved in your questions.  Dependent upon how many questions you have, the reading will take up to 3-5 days to complete.  The less the questions, the quicker the turnaround time.

Angel Card Readings – $20 per question

Looking for Divine guidance through your Angels?  Every moment of the day we have Angels looking over us and they are always eager to help but we are too busy to hear what they have to say.  Our Angels are crucial to our journey and they help guide us in every area of our life.  Angels love us unconditionally and will always provide loving guidance that is for our highest good.  They are there to help us, so why not ask for their guidance.


I am a certified Angel Card Reader and I have been working with the Angelic Realm for a long time.  I am offering four spread readings to help you hear what your Angels have to say about a specific question you have about your life.  Please note, Angel Card Readings focus on where you are currently on your path and will provide guidance on the question you have in mind.  As one of my favorite mediums, Collette Baron-Reid, she says Oracle Cards are a prescription, not a prediction.