Danielle Y., Los Angeles, CA ~ (Service – Crystal and Reiki Cha Cha and Meditation for Beginners Class)

“Compassionate, caring and thorough are just some of the words that come to mind when it comes to Miss Caroline and her therapeutic techniques.  Her approach is nothing short of amazing.  I came to her completely open minded yet (totally skeptical) but something about her vibe soothed and calmed me down from an already stressed state almost instantaneously.  Her energy is just wonderful.  She performed her Reiki magic along with some crystal stuff and I was blown away.  i couldn’t believe the relaxation i began to feel almost immediately.  All my stress melted away and I found myself grinning for no particular reason. It was as if a huge weight lifted off my shoulders; better than any massage or spa session I’ve had period.  I think there’s something about the energy work that touches on some plane that is the source of all things and works on a core level of restoration.  Not really sure….but I felt brand new and replenished & to me that’s what matters….not the ‘how’ but the “LIFE CHANGING RESULT.” Even though my apt. ran a couple mins. over she engaged me in conversation any way and didn’t rush me out the door.  Luckily I had the opportunity to find out about her meditation class that I went to and really learned a lot from.  She took the confusion out of the process and made it beginner friendly.  Caroline is genuinely interested in people’s overall well-being on every level: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional; and I’m so happy to have found her!”

Lori B., Los Angeles, CA ~ (Service – Health Coaching, 30 Day Challenge)

“I can’t even begin to tell you the changes I’ve seen in my body – but it’s incredible I look great again; and I feel amazing and full of energy. I don’t think I’d be anywhere close to where I am now without Caroline’s coaching and encouragement. She’s a true blessing, and with her gentle ways, anyone who tries her system will feel like they’ve finally found someone who understands how to put you on a life changing course that you’ll actually want to follow.”

Shauna C., Los Angeles, CA ~ (Service – Crystal and Reiki Cha Cha)

“In a city where it’s hard to find authenticity, C Life Changing results emerges as a true gem! The founder, Caroline, not only practices with heart, but with deep knowledge and intuition, sharing her passion of connecting to her own soul with the needs of her clients.

I arrived, spinning from a week of personal and work stress, ungrounded, and immediately upon entering the space felt myself shift into peacefulness. This was just the beginning. From the music, to the lighting, to the aura, Caroline fostered a nurturing environment. Her intuitive sense of what I needed emerged during our consultation and we determined that a stone and crystal clearing would enable me to build clarity around serious decisions facing my growth.

The treatment connected me to my core immediately, and I felt notable and subtle energetic shifts throughout my body and to a deeper, soul level. Following the treatment, Caroline shared what she did and why she did it, including a thorough description of the healing crystals that she used. I felt incredible clarity around what I needed to do to continue healing myself and shared my experiences with friends who I know would benefit from her knowledge and energy.

Gift yourself with this incredible experience! I will be returning to go deeper very soon!”

Kelly G., Culver City, CA(Service – Crystal and Reiki Cha Cha)

“Caroline is a true healer. I knew that from the moment I first saw her across a crowded hall at a recent meditative yoga event, and tonight’s Reiki and crystal healing session only confirmed it.  The fact that she has been on her own deep spiritual healing journey is evident from the stillness which she carries deep within herself. I’ve experienced enough major trauma for multiple lifetimes, and had begun to feel as though my traumas were so deep that no healer could possibly be up to the challenge. And in response to those multiple layers of trauma, all but one of my chakras had been completely shut down.  Yet by the end of my healing session with Caroline, all seven chakras had been re-opened.  I have been to art therapists, talk therapists, somatic therapists, and holistic therapists, and have found healing from each in different ways.  But each time, there have been certain limits beyond which the healing seemed to have reached a plateau.  With Caroline, however, I sensed that, from her having done her own deep healing work, she was unafraid to go to the very depths of my trauma with me, and that fearlessness is truly rare.  So for all of you who may have despaired of ever finding a healer who is both willing and able to go to the very depths of your trauma with you, I would highly recommend that you schedule a healing session with Caroline.  Your soul will be restored in ways you never thought possible, you will find hope where once was despair, and you will want to rush home and write a rave review so that others may benefit from Caroline’s gift of healing just as you have.”